Project: Construction of Proposed Multiplex Cinema Complex at Kandy City Centre, Kandy for Property Finance and Investment Kandy (Pvt) Ltd of M&M Centre, 341/5, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya
Contract: Supply and Installation of Granite External Paving for Proposed Multiplex Cinema complex at Kandy City Centre
Architect: Design One Ltd – Chartered Architects and Designers
Back in 2019, SPD was contracted by Property Finance & Investments Kandy (Pvt) Ltd to supply and install external granite paving for Kandy City Centre. Located in the heart of Kandy City, the modern ten-story commercial and retail complex is based in Dalada Veediya of Kandy, near the Temple of Tooth Relic.

This development was for the proposed multiplex cinema complex. The Engineer for this work was Design One Ltd – Chartered Architects and Designers based in Nawala.

Project scope

The project entailed the supply and installation of granite for exterior paving with approved Paradiso granite with adhesive suitable for exterior use as per the agreed design along the outer perimeter of Kandy City Centre. SPD submitted shop drawings, delivery schedules, samples, work programme, and other documents as requested.

External Paving:
An area of 8,082 Sq. ft of granite paving was installed in pattern in tile sizes of 149 x 149 x 20mm and 303 x 303 x 20mm, along with borders. Application of two coats of sealer to protect the granite and enhance the colour. This included accommodating tree pits.

Granite skirtings in 100mm, 200mm, and 300mm heights, totalling 154 sq. ft.

Steps & Risers:
100mm wide granite steps with edge chamfer totalling 70 sq. ft. Further replacement of broken granite steps at the VIP entrance.

676 Sq. Ft of granite copings to suit the site.

Wall Cladding, 100mm thick:
Fixing of main granite wall cladding – 1480 Sq. ft, and further replacement of damaged granite tiles on walls

Granite to Countertops
Supply and installation of Dambulla White granite to a countertop in the Penthouse.

Granite seats
External granite seats in Red-Multi granite.

Installation challenges on site

Challenges on-site were due to site impracticalities in laying granite. For instance, slopes in certain locations and accommodating drainage were overcome with personal attention and technical expertise by the Managing Director and the Lead Stone installer.

The site location faced heavy foot traffic and was the location for weekend markets. Hence SPD had to work around these factors during installation.

Final inspections of the new infrastructure

Once all work had been completed, PFIK arranged for Design One to inspect the finished works.

SPD’s work was completed on schedule and within budget. In total, the stonework took 18 months and was finalised on 1 August 2021.